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7 Day Tour. 

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Tour Outline

  • Day 1. Arrive  Irkutsk, meet with guide and take transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 2. Tour Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Baikal Museum and Traditional Village Taltsy, Fish and souvenir markets.
  • Day 3. Depart for Sahuwtra.   Board the fishing vessel.
  • Days 4-8.     Fishing - Lake Baikal, Chivurkiskiy Gulf, bays and local streams.  Exact location is decided on the day. Banya (Russian Sauna) included.
  • Day 9.   Arrive back at Sahuwtra transfer to Marriott Hotel Irkutsk
  •  Day10.    Check out.  Guided tour of City of Irkutsk, drop of at airport.    

Day 1. 
Arrival to Irkutsk, meet with guide and transfer to hotel,  free time, dinner and rest.

Day 2. 
09:00 Breakfast.

10.15 Departure for p. Listvyanka. At Listvyanka we visit to the "Limnological Museum" (Museum of Baikal) Excursion by funicular "peak" Chersky.

14.00 Lunch, then a visit to Nerpinariya (Baikal Seals), cruise on Hiuse (hovercraft) on Lake Baikal, a visit to the Fish and Souvenir Markets.

19:00 Departure to Irkutsk.

20:00 Dinner.

Day 3. 

09:00 Breakfast.

After breakfast check-out and depart for Sahuwtra where you will board the fishing vessel.

Fishing begins.

Day 4-8. 
The captain will sail to Chivurkiskiy Gulf a known area where the fish are plentiful and surrounding shores are very picturesque.

There is a possibility of seeing the Baikal nerp in the natural habitat.

The fishing vessel will enter the various bays along the shoreline as the type of fish varies with the depth and temperature of the water.

Experiencing the Russian Banya(sauna) is a must and is included in the package.

Day 9. 
Return to Sahuwtra and travel back to the Marriott Hotel Irkutsk

Day 10.
After breakfast check-out and board the bus for a city tour of Irkutsk.

Lunch and transfer to airport.

Types of fish in the area:

    • Omul
    • Black and white grayling
    • Whitefish
    • Baikal Sturgeon (protected)
    • Lenok (protected)
    • Pike
    • Perch
    • Taimen (protected)
    • Eel-pout, ide, roach, dace, minnow and bream are caught in the warmer parts of the lake and the shallow bays.

Tour Inclusions

  • Transfers and transport for the duration of the 10days.
  • All meals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Guide/interpreter- 10days
  • Accommodation - Marriott Hotel in Irkutsk and on board vessel for the rest.
  • All tours including fishing. All equipment, bait and services of professional fisherman/instructor.

Tour Exclusions

  • International airfares.
  • All drinks during meals.
  • Personal expenses and gratuities.
  • Hire of ski equipment.

Fishing Lake Baikal

On our planet Earth there are many mysterious and mythical places to visit but none more so than Lake Baikal.  The lake, is an enigma with its depth at somewhere around 5300feet and a surface area of 12,248 square miles, holding around 20% of the earth's fresh water. This is the home of the worlds' only freshwater seals-"Nerpa", these animals are very skittish around humans as for centuries they have been hunted for their pelts, fats and flesh. In extreme winter the lake surface freezers over and forms a layer of crystal clear ice up to 2 metres deep.  There are many legends on how the lake was formed but this is the most popular-“It is said that a huge stone fell from the sky like they do now, sometimes. While it was falling it became red hot. When it hit the earth, the earth shook. There appeared a crack through which was seen a fire blazing. The people began to chant ‘Bai, gal!’ which, translated from Buryat, means ‘Fire, stop!’ Earth, stone, and water came to a boil, and in that turmoil Lake Baikal was born.”

And if you think the legend of the lake sounds interesting, wait till you fish there, it's like nowhere else in the world and many of the fish there are not found anywhere else in the world.

So get your friends, family or fellow club members together and let's go FISHING!

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